Azumi's Page

Week 1--Profile

Movies I like:CHICAGO
Actors I like:Renee Zellweger
Music I like:YUKI's song
TV programs I like:MTV
Websites I like:mixi(Japanese social networking site)
Books I like:Harry Potter series
Musical instruments I play:Piano
Sports I like to watch:Track and field, Swimming
Sports I practiced in high school:Track and field
Clubs I belonged to in high school:Track and field
Other hobbies or interests I have:Reading books, Listening to music
Volunteer activities I took part in:Cleaning streets in our neighborhood

When I read your homepage, I was surprised. Because I heard your first language is not English.
I want to know about your county, school and major. Please teach me about Venezuela.

Week 2--Volunteer Activities

Until now, I have taken part in some volunteer work, but it was small scale. In my town, elementary school children and junior high school children took part in volunteer work which was cleaning up near our school once a year. Before I entered a high school, I also took part in this work. This work was taken part by group of elementary school children and junior high school students. I thought it was a good idea because we could make friends with students from another school. In college, I have not taken part in volunteer work. But I am interested in volunteer work, especially ecology movement at the sea and river. The reason I am interested in ecology movement is my father's influence. My father belongs to the bird-watching society. When I was an elementary school child, my father and I often went to the sea to see birds. There were many birds but my father said many birds were injured by fishing lines and hooks. I was really shocked. So we picked up this trash when we went to sea or river. There was so much trash so we could not pick up all of it. Now, I do not do do this. In this summer vacation, I want to go to the sea with my father.

Week 3--Picture

I took this picture when I went to Fukuoka. I really like icecream. So I went to Haagen-Dazs which was icecream shop. This was special Japanese- style sundae. The flavor was green tea and toppings were sweet roasted chestnuts, shiratama and adzuki. Shiratama is like a rice cake. It is popular sweet in Japan. Adzuki is small beans. It is very sweet and it is often used in Japanese-style confectionery. In the past, these Japanese sweets were seldom used as an ingredient of western-style confectionery. But now they are used in cakes, icecream and bread.