Kanako's Page

Week 1--Profile

Movies I like:"Pirates of the Caribbean" "The Secret Window"
Actors I like:Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom
Music I like:Guns N' Roses, Kiss, Nirvana, Hole, Hanoi Rocks, AC/DC, Marilyn Manson,The Sex Pistols, Zebrahead
TV programs I like:Grey's Anatomy (Drama)
Websites I like:You Tube
Musical instruments I play:electric bass, piano
Sports I like to watch:Volleyball
Sports I practice:Ballet
Sports I practiced in junior high school:R&G
Clubs I belong to:Music
Other hobbies or interests I have:making dresses for my band's live, cooking

Hello. I'm Kanako, 19 years old. I like music very much. I have a band named " LIBIDOLL" We are playing American Rock music in 80's and 70's mainly. If you like music or have common interests, please talk to me.

Week 2--Volunteer Activities

I joined a volunteer activity when I was in elementary school. It was the first time for me to do volunteer work. I cleaned my area with my classmates. Before we went to out of our school to clean our area, we discussed where we should go and pick up trash. Then, we decided to go the stream running through our area. there was a lot of trash and this trash had a bad effect on fireflies. There had been many fireflies in the stream. However, the number of fireflies had been reduced because the stream had been polluted. Fireflies can not live in dirty water. We wanted fireflies to come back to our area. In the stream, there were empty cans, plastic bags and a battery box of a car. We spent all day to clean the stream. After the activity, we gathered the large trash we picked up. Seeing the heap of trash, I thought I would never throw trash into the stream. It is good for children to do some volunteer work, because the harder the work is the greater their impression it has.

Week 3--Picture

This is a picture of my band. We are "Libidoll". There are 5 members in my band now, but at this live, there were 4. This picture was taken in January. Now, a vocalist, two guitarists , a bassist and a drummer is in my band. I am playing the bass. Our band's concept is doing what we want to do. Our band's name came from the word " libido", the human energy and instinctive desire . So, our costume is very unique, because we want to perform in a way nobody did. Each live, we change our costume. Mainly, we are playing 80's and 90's rock. Our vocalist , Mari, loves these songs. She has a very attractive powerful voice. I like her voice. Keeping good relationship with band members is very difficult and some times we quarrel because all members are stubborn and crazy. However, I love them. This band is my treasure.