Mari's Page

Week 1--Profile

Movies I like: Titanic
Actors I like: Johnny Depp
Music I like: classical music and Beatles
TV programs I like: music programs
Websites I like: Yahoo
Books I like: Anne of Green Gables
Musical instruments I play: piano
Sports I like to watch: soccer and volley ball
Sports I practiced in high school: tennis
Clubs I belonged to in high school: tennis and handbell club
Other hobbies or interests I have: reading books and playing the piano
Volunteer activities I took part in: the cleaning activity
playing handbells in public places, such as hospitals.

It's nice to know you. My name is Mari. I'm glad to exchange my ideas with you. It will be enjoyment for us. I'm looking forward to communicating with you.

Week 2--Volunteer Activities

When I was a high school student, I took part in the volunteer activity. First, I did the cleaning activity around Kwassui high school and juniour high school. I went to "NIshi-shiroyama" elementary school and cleaned there. We went there not only to clean but also to see the exhibit about peace. There children there were polite and lovely. They greeted us when we met them. So, it encouraged us to do this activity. We also cleaned the street. There are many trashes and cigarette butts. So, we should try hard to clean there. I was very tired , but felt happy after finishing the cleaning activity. The second activity we did was playing handbells in the public places such as hospitals.I belonged to handbell club from Second-year high school student. It was a lot of fun, because we could meet kindly people in many times. It is important for us to communicate with any people. The volunteer activity give a chance to meet them. In the future, I will try more volunteer activities.

Week 3--Picture

This picture shows Oura church. It is located near Kwassui College. It's one of the famous buildings in Nagasaki. Also, it's a national treasure. This building is old, but it's beautiful. There is a statue of Maria in front of the entrance. I can relax to be in the church because it's very calm. I like very much this atmosphere.