Ayumi M.'s Page

Week 1--Profile

Movies I like:Taxi,Mr.and Ms.Smith
Actors I like:Hayato Ichihara;Japanese actor
Music I like:Mariah Carey's songs
TV programs I like:hourse racing
Websites I like:mixi,yahoo,Youtube
Books I like:a cookbook
Sports I like to watch:Baseball,I like Johjima
Sports I practice:Badminton
Clubs I belong to:Badminton
Clubs I belonged to in high school:tea celemony
Other hobbies or interests I have:cooking
Volunteer activities I took part in:cleaning a coast, plant a tree

I'm glad to exchange between you and us. I don't know about Venezuela so much. I want to know about Venezuelan culture and foods.

Week 2--Volunteer activities

I have done a lot of volunteer activities. For example, I planted trees and flowers, cleaned a shrine and the shore and made garbage cans for anglers. We thought if trees and flower were increasing more and more, air will be clear and we feel happy. My family and my friend's family did it on weekend, when I was an elementary school student. We did not only planting but also cleaning. I lived on a small island when I was a little girl. Anglers dumped trash in the sea. Moreover, a lot of drift wood, plastic bottles and cans was on the shore. I think it was a good opportunity to cooperate with my family. I did the activity until junior high school student. However, I have not done volunteer activities at all since then. If I had time, I want to do some volunteer activities like a street fund-raising.

This student was absent on June 23.

Week 3--Picture

This is a confectionery like a cake. It is made from wheat flour and bean jam. It is known as a souvenir from my hometown. This is very famous and popular sweet in my hometown. Everybody in Saga prefecture knows about this. I used to eat it as an afternoon snack when I was a girl.