Ayumi O's Page

Week 1--Profile

Movies I like:Harry Potter
Music I like:J-pop
TV programs I like:Last Friends (Japanese drama
Books I like:Harry Potter, Pinocchio
Sports I like to watch:basket ball, rugby
Sports I practiced in high school:badminton
Clubs I belonged to in high school:badminton
Other hobbies or interests I have:listening to music, going shopping, cooking

I like sweets!! I'm not good at cooking.
Nowadays, I began to try to cook. I'm interested in cooking,so please tell me famous Venezuelan food.

Week 2--Volunteer activities

I have experienced volunteer activities a few times. I picked up trash with my friends
in my town when I was a primary schoolchild. It was an activity of a neighborhood
self-governing body. There was a lot of more trash than I had expected. Especially
these were cans and cigarette butts. It took us about three hours, but we could not
pick them up completely. So, we were disappointed. After we cleaned our town, we
knew that our town was dirty! The more we repeated the activities, the more our town
became clean! We felt refreshed. By the way, I want to volunteer for old people and
physically handicapped people. I want to help them. I think to do our best for someone
is marlerous, but it is not so easy. Honestly, moreover, I don't know what shoul I do to
participate in volunteer. When? How? Even so, I don't want to give up to join it. So first,
I have to get imformation by using internet or to go to the public office. Finally, If I have
a chance, I want to do volunteer in foreign countries.

Week 3--Picture

This picture is one of hot springs in Japan. Oita prefecture is famous for hot springs and some hells. The name of this one is "golden dragon hell". The origin of the name is that the stream looks like a dragon. It is too hot for humans to bathe. Do you you know difference between hot springs and hell? The differences is temperature. Hot spring's temperature is lower than hell's, so we can't bathe in a hell! Maybe, hell's temperature is about 90℃. This picture is light blue, but there are many colorful hells. For example, red, light green and gray and so on. It is interesting!!