Haruka's Page

Week 1--Profile

Movies I like:Pirates of the Caribbean, Roman Holiday, Back to the Future and the Legally Blonde
Actors I like:Johnny Depp
Music I like:B'z, Backstreet Boys, and Black Eyed Peas
TV programs I like:Japanese dramas
Websites I like:Yusuke Kamiji's blog
Books I like:Ikebukuro West Gate Park by Ira Isida, and Reisei to Jyonetsu no Aida
Sports I like to watch:basaball and soccer
Sports I practiced:swimming
Clubs I belonged to in high school:YWCA
Volunteer activities I took part in:I went to nursing home. We sang for elder people and gave them Christmas cards.

I am interested in Venezuelan culture.
Are there any important manners that we have to follow when we are in Venezuela?

Week 2--Volunteer Activities

I belonged to Young Women's Christian Association, YWCA, when I was a high school student. In May, my school had "Flower day." Students brought some flowers or donated money. We, YWCA members, collected and arranged the flowers, and bought flowers using donated money. With those flowers, we visited a nursing home. We gave them to elderly people there, sang hyms and nursery rhymes, and talked with them. In December, the students made Christmas cards. YWCA members collected them, went to the nursing home and gave them to elderly people. We sang Christmas songs and did a puppet play about the birth of Jesus. In both visits, the elderly people seemed to be happy, sometimes cried, and said, "Thank you", many times. Before we visited the nursing home, we had practiced singing or playing desperately. It was sometimes hard, but I believed that I was doing the right thing. Visiting the nursing home was a good experience for me.

Week 3--Picture

This is a picture of a festival called "okunchi." We hold the festival on October 7th, 8th, and9th. It is a traditional Nagasaki's festival during which it is said that Shinto gods take a three days' trip. Men are carrying a portable shrine. Many people are seeing it, and some of them throw in a coin and pray. We can see some traditional shows, and there are a lot of stalls during the festival. We buy food and play games at the stalls. Actually, children like those stalls better than the shows. I am now looking forward to the festival.