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My name is Jeanette, I'm 21 years old. I was born in Anzoategui, and came to Caracas to study in the USB. After I graduated from highschool, I spent some time with my family in Trinidad and Tobago. Being there in T&T I practiced my English a lot. Being in another place where people speak English, pushes us to speak. At that time I already knew a lot about English, but never felt the need to speak. When I started talking, things got easier, every new thing I learned stayed on my mind, even better than when I study and study something a lot.

I started university in Anzoategui, but I began to get bored. So I came to Caracas to study at the USB and now I'm studying electrical engineering. I decided that because I fell in love with physics in the last year of highschool. It all was about electricity and I really liked it. So, by the time I made the test to get in the USB, I wanted to study electrical or electronic engineering, and I made my choice.
I started learning English reading lyrics of the songs I loved. I Started looking for them, trying to make their translations. My mother helped me a lot. Sometimes there were blanks on those songs for me, because there were a lot of "expressions" on them. But little by little I made it with some help.
Well there's not too much to say about me. I have a part time job, I'm a children's party entertainer. So if you have any party going on just give me a call!! hahaha that's a joke, I don't go out very often just like many of my partners, and for the same reason: UNIVERSIDAD SIMON BOLIVAR. About what I like to do in my free time: I like listening to music and I love to read, so I'm keeping that for the first writing assigment!.

If you have any questions about what I already wrote or you're just curious,

just ask me ;)


What I have always understood as plagiarism is that it is putting your name on somebody else's work, ideas, as a song, a painting, or an investigative work, and so much more.I have to confess that I HAVE DONE PLAGIARISM at the time when I was in highschool. I did it because I ignored how serious it was, not only for the author, but for me and my life as a student.
Fortunately my mom noticed what I was doing, and she gave me the whole speech about plagiarism. She made me understand easily that I'd rather do nothing than take somebody else's work. The arguments were that it is unoriginal, it is not made with my style, my words, my ideas, what I think about the topic that I'm supposed to be writing about.

Sometimes we copy and paste things we do not understand very well. If I ever dare to present a work that's not mine, it would be difficult to express myself in words that are not written in my own way at the time when I'm required to explain it. All the "copy and paste" done would have been worthless.

I really appreciate I was informed quickly. The best thing I do for not stealing any information when I'm searching for some, is to read all that I can find useful. Then, I select just the important sources and copy their names, if it is a book or an internet website. Then, I start to write what I think about what I've read and the ideas given by the author and finally I give credit to the references. One tip I read in the first link for this assignment is not to read only the first links the searching websites show. I've always done that too, and use different websites to do the research. What I like to do the most is to search the information I need in books, because it is given in a wider way. You can read from a chapter, then maybe you'll need to jump to another, even to another volume of the same book. Sometimes, it is much better than internet, but of course never as comfortable as the web and your laptop because what we need isn't always in books, or at least not in an "easy-to-find book". Sometimes I use the author's ideas literally in my text but using it in a different font and pointing out that I wrote it down just like the author did. By now it has worked for me, maybe because I haven't done any formal work, as you can notice. What I write is neither formal nor scientific! So I apologise. That's what I do to avoid plagiarism.

But to prevent it we should avoid copy and paste, and give the same speech our parents gave us to the people at home, at university or school, etc.

Yeah I now what you're thinking...
The boring one...
But even if I was falling asleep, that speech worked!!
(just kidding) If it worked on me, it could work in other people! Maybe the point is to make them notice that plagiarism is a serious thing, and that it can happen to all of us. Maybe they'll understand that way because thinking that somebody else's name is on your piece of work is not very nice at all! We should not do to others what we don't want them to do to us.


3. Me as a writer and reader

Though I'm not a good writer and not a fan, I have felt in the mood for it a few times. I prefer to write the old school way: a piece of paper and a no. 2 pencil. That way I feel that ideas just go on as the pencil moves on.
My favorite part of words is reading. I love to read, of course I read what seems interesting to me. Although there's a lot of new and interesting information on the web, I don't like screenreading. I prefer to read from books and magazines.

I loved to read fairy tales when I was a child, I read a lot of them. My love for reading made me search for the books my family had at home because I wanted to read something new! But I found some of Romulo Gallegos, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and I was too young for that stories.

So my love for reading started to cool down. My mom tried to look for someting for me to read. But we are from a small town that barely has text books for school. Luckily my dad has always been a fan of "reader's digest" so I had that to read interesting things, and some magazines of science and geography, and some of them were in English too.

A few years after that, I found a book from Agatha Christie called "a sleeping crime". I really liked that one! Later, I read "Maria" from Jorge Isaac for a school work and I found it boring. During high school I borrowed from one of my best friends a book called "Interview with a vampire" from Ann Rice. It was a wonderful book, amazing! That book is the first one of the vampire chronicles from Ann Rice. The second one is called "Lestat the vampire" and I'm still reading it.
After that time in high school, I told to another of my best friends about Agatha's book. He lend me a few books including some of Christie called "Teat", "A mistery in the Caribbean" and "The mistery of Pale Horse". I didn't finish the last one, but the others were great!

Around the time of finishing High school and two years after, I read "the hobbit" and "the lord of the rings 1,2 & 3" from J.R Tolkien. I have no words to describe those books, because they are more than just amazing. Tolkien's world is wonderful.
A couple of years ago, I started reading "the Da Vinci's code" (please correct that, I don't know how to write the name of that book in English). I was curious about all the comments about it, and people talking about Dan Brown as the "Greatest researcher ever" and I found it was just a novel. It's a narrative book and the cover says that. I didn't finish it, I got bored.

I've also read a few more books but those were just ok. Here I'm writing about my favorites.
The only special things I need for reading is an interesting text of any kind, time, and nobody talking to me every two minutes. The special place: my bed (my sister's, my mom's), a sofa, the floor, sitting on a chair, on grass, standing up in the subway.. anywhere but a car moving on. I get car-sick very quickly if I'm reading inside.
Well that's just enough! I just wanted to take this chance to write about one of the things I love the most. If you read all of this thanks for your time spent.

My blog url:


4. Me as a learner and teacher.

I've never had too many problems with learning. The times that I found some trouble to learn something, usually were because I was not interested. I remember that I was a good student at school. I had good luck with the teachers.

I say “good luck” because I think that, almost always teachers are the ones who can make the difference whether you like a subject or not.
My experience at high school makes me think that way. There were some subjects I loved, like literature, biology and physics. As you can notice those subjects are quite different between them, but there's one thing that puts them together: for those subjects I had great teachers!

I don't think I can teach anything to anybody. I feel insecure about it. The times I tried to explain something, I always felt that I wasn't doing it well. A lot of times, friends asked me to teach them English, but I couldn't and I still can't. It's just that there’s nothing like a real teacher to teach you. I don't feel that I have what's necessary to make other people to understand what I want to explain. I can only help somebody else, studying with a group; not teaching.

I study better if I'm not alone; with a partner or a group, but not alone. There are subjects I can study for by myself, the ones that only requires reading, maybe a little practice. But I need help to study subjects like math of physics since I started university.

The multiple intelligences test I made through the web says that the kind of intelligence I have the most is the nature intelligence, second is the music smart and I had another kind but I don't remember. I think that's right, I love and care about nature, but that's something I love. We all are intelligent, but we do not love to do the same things, that’s why I don't think that different kinds of intelligences exist. What it does exist are different interests.
We all have something that we can do easily and something that we just can deal with it. That depends on which side of the brain we work most with.

I work more with the right side of the brain. I know that because I made the exercise of the dancer that is on the web. At first I saw the dancer spinning clockwise. A while after I could see her spinning anti-clockwise, and then turning from one way to the other. I though, that the image actually was turning in both ways in different periods. But then my sister tried it out and I knew it was real.

I would like to know more about how does the brain works. Why I’m “right-brained”? How does it get connected with my “kinds of intelligences” because, according to the test I have three!!

5. Venezuela’s geography

Venezuela can be travelled from north to south and from west to east. Every corner of this warm country is an enjoyable place to visit.
  • To the North there is almost 3000 Km of coast with beautiful beaches and paradisiacal islands
  • The greatest waterfall in the world, Angel Fall, is to the South of Venezuela. There, in a place called “La Gran Sabana”, you can find a kind of table-top rock mountain called tepui, which is typical of the Guayana’s area.
  • “Los Andes”, one of the youngest mountain formations that comes up from the most distant point in South America, gives a different air to the west side of Venezuela.
  • In Venezuela there is no “wild west”, but a wild east! The plains of Venezuela are located from the centre of the country to the east side, with fields where cattle is part of the economy of the area together with the oil industry.



I’m supposed to be a digital native, although I really feel like I’m a digital immigrant. I love technology as almost everybody does, but I’m not always updated in the matter as I should be. I didn’t grow up with a computer. I remember we had one at home when I was around 7 years old but I didn’t know how to use it.

I remember my dad brought home a new computer in the year 1998. It had Windows 98 and it wasn’t so different from Windows 95. A few weeks after, we had internet at home. Nowadays I don’t find useful a computer without internet. A year later, I recieved my first digital camera for Christmas. It was an OLYMPUS. Great days, I was a teenager with a camera! I used to carry both my camera and video recorder everywhere. The recorder was a Sony 8mm, as far as I can remember. Then my passion for photography began.

Altough I was not a lover of video games; I played with my friends with the playstation 1 a few times. The games that took all of my attention were “tomb raider the last revelation” and “silent hill”. I preferred to spend my time in the internet, chatting and reading. The first time I had internet, I didn’t know all the things it was useful for. But I learned little by little as almost everybody does.

I think we all are digital immigrants because there are always new kinds of technology. Even if somebody is young enough to say he was born with a digital camera and internet under the cradle, every day new things, and information is thrown into the web for us to use. Sometimes we don’t even have time to know all of it. I also feel like an immigrant when I see my 4 year old cousin playing with her first computer and drawing in “Paint” as I never did when I got a computer! She also knows how to program and give maximum use to the DVD PLAYER they have at home. I still don’t know all the things mine can do!

I feel that sometimes there’s not enough time for all the things we want to do. The video “a vision of students today” makes it clear. I really liked that video. I feel identified with the things students say because I live that too. I saw the video “the machine is Us/ing US, but I didn’t get its message. Maybe because I’ve always thought that “the machine IS US”.

In my opinion, some people get alarmed about all the new stuff of technology because they’re afraid of change. I don’t know how to use it all, but I keep on trying. Probably that reveals that, deep inside I’m a digital native. The reason why I said that is that, through the years, I have noticed a huge difference between the way some people use technology. There are two groups of people, and now I know how to call them “digital immigrants and natives”. The first group would always think: “maybe I broke it!”, “I won’t touch it, and I won’t try it because it can get damaged!” A native is not afraid of simple technology neither of hi-tech (and not because they grew up with it); and I’m like that. I’m not a bit afraid of using anything new, neither of asking for help to use it. I would be afraid to take it if it is not mine! I don’t like to take somebody else’s things because I'm afraid it will fall off my hands! I would get in trouble!


In my town I have met many people from cities like Caracas, Valencia and Maracaibo, and they say that it is better to live in their cities. Of course I also think it is different, but when I have told others about the benefits I got from living in a town, they have said I would get that too from living in a city. I think we say that the best things are ours, because we are proud of them, and that’s a good thing. But it all has its pro and cons. In this text you’ll be reading about my experiences from childhood to nowadays. Then, you can make your own opinion about how small town lifestyle can be.

I have lived in a few places since I was born. The reason why we moved around was because of my father’s job. He has always been sent from one place to another. I was born in San José de Guanipa, (better known as El Tigrito) Anzoategui State. From there, my family moved to Ciudad Ojeda. I don’t have any memory from that place. Later we moved to Anaco, in Anzoategui state too.

We lived in Anaco for a few years, enough for me to remember a few things about that town. It was a beautiful place, very clean and it still is. We used to live in a trailer! It was so cool for me. I was barely 4 or 5 years old but I had so much fun living in there that I can remember almost everything! My dad’s job was just in front of the trailer lot. There were other five trailers there. I used to ride my bike all evening long with my sister. We also played outside with our dolls. My mother and my dad worked all day so we stayed at home with a nanny, but she was always inside. I remember once dad brought home two baby chickens, painted with funny colors. We loved those chickens so much that they became our pets. We had them outside. From the trailer lot we moved to a house in a new oil field where my dad was transferred.

Those houses are the ones that companies assign to their workers. There were only 16 houses I think, and they all shared the same road, which had some inclination going down to the working field. It was a paradise for riding bikes and skate boards! We used to go all down the road with our friends. The only thing is that we couldn’t stop when we were already down. Ouch! Later my sister figured out how to go down without hurting herself: she learned to jump from the bike to the grass of the houses before getting to the ground of the working field. The nanny was no longer there when we moved, but it was ok. There was no problem if we stayed all day long outside. Nothing happened and nothing would have happened; besides, the house area was closed by a gate and we were too young to open it.

We moved from Anaco to El Tigre when I was finishing kindergarten. And I have lived there from that moment on. When we got there we lived in a house my mom and dad bought while we were living in Anaco. It is the same house I’m living in right now. Our house was two blocks away from school. In front of the school there was a club with a pool and a park. It was great. Mom and dad worked all day, and we were without a nanny for a while. We spent the day outside riding the bikes all around the neighborhood anyway. If we were not riding, we were at the garden playing with dolls, our new puppy called Ponqui, and our kitty called kitty. There was no police men, no guards, no parents every minute, no rush. We (the kids) were not afraid of anything as every kid in the world. But the best part of all is that our parents didn’t have much to worry about. Not even about time, you could get anywhere in five minutes with a car. There was no getting trapped in traffic jam. The bad thing about living there is that, if you don’t have a car you are very limited to do anything. Public transportation has always been deficient.

There are many things in towns are more expensive than in cities, but services are almost always cheaper. In towns you can get a better lifestyle with less money. Getting an apartment for rent in a nice neighborhood is very cheap. You can find a whole house for rent for only BsF.1.200 to 1.500. In Caracas you would never find a place for that amount of money in a good place to live.
The thing I like the most of living in Caracas is going out shopping and of course that you can get anywhere by bus or subway. I also like that there are different kinds of places in the same city. I have visited Caracas all the way from the East to the West and from North to South. My job has also been one of the motives for me to get to know Cracas better. It has been a very good experience.

Even if I understand the advantages of living in a city, I still feel lucky I grew up in my hometown. In spite of its problems my mother and my dad are still there, and they remind me of all the good things we have there, so I can not wait to go there on my next vacations.

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This is the first time I see that word, I think that it is good that people gave a name to that attitude. We should find a way to call it in Spanish. I absolutely procrastinate. But it is a serious thing in me; I am conscious and aware when I’m doing things that are not important just to avoid doing the ones I don’t want to do. For example, when I know that I should be studying math, I worry about other subjects, and leave math for later. Instead of that, I should organize my days in a better way because there is always time to do all we have to do. But when I organize my week, it all gets messed up in the end. Sometimes I schedule my day but then I pass something to the next day, and then to the other, and so on.

I will not continue writing about my experiences with procrastination because I feel very ashamed about that; there are too many stories I have. So now that we know what procrastination is, and I admitted to have that problem, what about avoiding it? Let’s face the problem.

The first article I read about procrastination (http://psychologytoday.com/rss/pto-20030823-000001.html) gave me the idea about what it is. The second one was the solution. The article from the page http://www.physicspost.com/science-article-75.html explains what procrastination is, as in the first article, but the best thing is that they also offer a solution to it! Of course, it is not a magical way to eliminate it, but there are some advice to keep away from procrastination that seemed very useful to me. They even have nine methods for avoiding it. As I feel like “the queen of procrastinators”, I think that article may help a lot of people like me because I think that it can help me. I decided to make the translation into Spanish (I’ll do my best) giving the URL from the web page where I read it, so my friends and family would be able to read it too. I already printed it to carry it and read it anytime I feel like postponing something for another moment. Right now, I can not write the end I would like this text to have. First, I need to work on the problem now that I have the help I needed to get over procrastination. Then, I would be able to offer you a happy ending to this story.

You have decided to give several hours of your time each month to improve the community where you live. What is one thing you will do to improve your community? Why? Use specific reasons and details to explain your choice.

Improvements for my community:

enviriomental problems

The human being is a social animal, that’s why we live in communities. Every person that lives in a group of people in a common area is supposed to be there for helping each other and solving their problems together. I’m not at my real home right now, but since I moved to Caracas I noticed that the place where I live has a lot of wrong things that should be solved toward the benefit of everyone who lives there. One of those things is the garbage problem.
In my new place, there has never existed a garbage dump. That's something that I can not find reasonable, but people there has always lived that way and they are used to it. The garbage is always thrown in plastic bags and then people put that bag in the front of the houses so when the garbage truck passes by they pick it up. That brings troubles: the side walks in front of the houses always smell bad, and people don't have enough space to walk by. It also gives a bad looking view to the neighborhood.
Because of those problems the garbage was giving to us, my sisters and I decided to talk to the neighbors so we can find a way to have a better place to live. The final statement was that we needed a garbage dump where we can put the garbage bags and then take it outside the same day that the garbage truck is supposed to pass by. Not everybody is ok with the decition, but most of people are so we are going for it. A neighbor is going to find the dump, and my sisters and I made a commitment to buy the bags for the dump, which need to be the bigger size.

We are trying to organize. It is a difficult work because people is not accustomed to live that way.
The garbage problem in my community is on its way to be solved. The most important thing is that people responded to our knocking at their doors, and we feel like we really live in a common place, There are still other problems, but now we know that we have the same problems and we can find a way to live in a better neighborhood.

9.First impressions

Mind is full of first impressions. Mine is. There was a time when I used to think that I didn’t judge people. I used to get upset with my mom because she used to judge people without even talk to them. Then, as I started to grow up, I realized that I had steriotyped ideas about the people around me.

When I had the opportunity to meet other people, from the first time I could see the person, inmmediatly I placed them to my mind’s parking lots: “she or he is unfriendly ”. Since that first moment there was nothing that could change my mind: that person and I would never be friends.

Just a few of my ideas changed from the first immpression, but the others didn’t. I started to think about the reasons why, and there was nohing meaningful. I was growing up with a lot of paradigsm and judgements already born in my house. And I didn’t even gave birth to those judgements. I recognized that, because I have different interests from others it doesn’t mean that we can not be friends. When I started practicing to “open my mind” that way I found a lot of true friends, and I didn’t have too look too much for them, they came by themselves because they felt that I was not judging them.

I wish I could say now I’m perfect! But I still have paradigsm to fight with, I let myself dissapoint or even dazzle of first impressions I get from others. I still don’t like people who feel that are better than somebody else. Though I will never be perfect in any way, I know I should keep on trying to be a better person. Well, I’m 21 but I still feel like a teen, so maybe I have to grow up.

The thing that has helped me a lot to get over first impressions is that I have met a lot of people who seemed unfriendlyto me, but when I gave them a chance, they resulted to be nice people. Then I knew that I was wrong, and that probably I was wrong about other ideas I had about something but I didn’t give those things or people a chance. The same, I have met cool people who in the end resulted to be not so great friends.
So, great! having a lot of friends helps!


30 minute essay:
- If you were asked to send one thing representing your country to an international exhibition, what would you choose? Why? Use specific reasons and details to explain your choice.

*Thing I would send Venezuelan people’s photos.
1. Pictures would represent the mixture of people and cultures that exist in Venezuela
2. It would be a good way to show the other countries how we can all live together in peace as an unique country,
3. Through photography people can live the feelings and emotions caught in the photos, that would show all the world how happy and friendly we can be with each other and with foreign people too.


Venezuela is a country with a rich mixture of cultures and customs, that deserves to be shown to all the word. There are many things that can represent a piece of land no matter if it is a country or a whole continent. For example If I say: “sushi”, almost everybody would think about: “Japan”.
(introduccion needs the three reasons)
In my country it is very difficult to select just one thing to represent us, because trough all of our history, we have had a lot of immigrations. Those immigrations have brought many cultures that mixed up with our natives and others that came too. Those things made Venezuela’s culture that rich.

If I had the opportunity to send one thing representing my country to an international exhibition, I would send Venezuelan people’s photos. The first thing that pushes me to select photos is that I like photography. but, through my likes, I think it would be great to have an exhibition of photos because pictures would represent the mixture of people and cultures that exist in Venezuela.

Another reason is that photography would be a good way to show the other countries how we can all live together in peace as a unique country, though we have different roots.
I think that the photos would show the entire world how happy and friendly we can be with each other and with foreign people too. That would be useful because through photos people can feel and live emotions caught in them.
(the reasons need their details and examples)
It would show that Venezuelans are friendly people, I think we really are because we had always received people from other countries as they are already our friends. We also help each other even if we don’t know the other person.