Kaori's Page

Week 1--Profile

Movies I like:HOLIDAY
Actors I like:Jude law
Music I like:Japanese pop music( aiko,YUKI)
TV programs I like:SMAPĂ—SMAP(Japanese music and food program)
Websites I like:You tube
Books I like:Peggy Sue
Musical instruments I play:I play the flute
Sports I like to watch:figure skate
Sports I practice:softball
Clubs I belonged to in high school:brass band club
Volunteer activities I took part in:citizenn's clean up activity( cleaning streets in our neighborfood)

In the our class, my teacher little teach us about you forexample where Venezuela is, Venezuela's capital and so on. So I want to know your culture. Please teach us many things about you! I want you to know about me and my culture, too!

Week 2-Volunteer Activities

I have done volunteer work. It was to clean up my neighborhood. It is called " Shimindaiseisou" , and took place once a year. I have participated in it a few times. But I thought I have done little volunteer. So I would like to help people who are in trouble. For example, when Hansin was hit by a strong earthquake, many volunteers helped recovering city or giving food and so on. Like this, If it is possible for me to go, I want to help people who are in trouble. Next, there is much hunger all over the world-everyday some people die because of that-and there are many children who cannot study because their parents do not have enough money. When I heard that I thought how luckey I am, so I want to go abroad to do volunteer activities. And I want to teach Japanese and bring them food and clothes.

Week 3--Picture

This picture is Japanese powdered green tea's parfait. I ate this parfait when I went to Fukuoka. This parfait consists of vanilla ice cream, powdered green tea's ice cream, chestnut, cake, coffee jelly, small beans, rice cake, and so on. It was delicious! My friend Yukako is living there so I went there to see her. It took about 2 hours from Nagasaki. I went there by bus and it was my first trip there by myself. I got friends with Yukako when we were high school students. We used to go home together, go shopping together, study together, and so on. So I will go to Fukuoka to see her again.