Kyouko's Page

Week 1--Profile

Musical instruments I play: the tuba
Clubs I belong to: tea ceremony club
Clubs I belonged to in high school: chorus club and brass band club
Volunteer activities I took part in: a campaign to raise funds for orphans

I'm looking forward to know about Venezuela.

This student was unable to participate on June 16.

Week 2--Volunteer Activities

When I was a high school student, I helped my friend's club activity. It was a volunteer club. They always did some volunteer work, for example, the signature activity, visit a nursing home, cleaning activity, and campaigns to raise funds. I helped the campaign to raise funds for orphans who want to go high school or university. To do this volunteer work, I think there are two important things. First one is do not use too loud voice when asking for money in the street. I often see the campaign like this, but I do not want to contribute any money because their voice is too loud. I know they work hard, but I can not go up to them. However while I helped the campaign, I realised that my voice became louder too. So I minded my voice not to be louder. Second is not so difficult, be sure to appreciate people who contribute some money. Of course the funds are not our money, and we do not have any profit. However during this campaign, I smiled naturally and I could say "thank you". The time I like the best is when little child offers money, and the old people said "cheer up" with a smile. At this time, I thought I am glad to help the volunteer activity. I think of course it is for other person, but also for myself. I helped the volunteer activity only one time, but I want to try another work.

Week 3--Picture

This is a picture of my cat. This cat is a female and her name is Hime, which means princess. She is always sleeping and doing some mischief but she is so cute. In this picture, she is interested in a tea cup. After this moment, she put in her paw to take something from this cup.