Nozomi's Page

Week 1--Profile

Movies I like:Pirates of the Caribbean
Actors I like:Johnny Depp
Music I like:Japanese pops especially Ayumi Hamasaki who is Japanese musician
TV programs I like:Music programs
Books I like:Japanese literatures, fashion magazines
Musical instruments I play:Bassoon
Sports I like to watch:soccer, vollyball... anything
Clubs I belonged to in high school:brass band club
Other hobbies or interests I have:cooking, go shopping, and I am good at calligraphy

Hello! My name is Nozomi, I'm 19 years old. I'm glad to comment with you! I like to watch sports now because it will be Olympic this summer!
I don't know about Venezuela so much, please tell me verious things of Venezuela!

Week 2-- Volunteer Activities

I have worked as a volunteer when I was junior high school student. I took a music class and there are 15 people in the class. In the class, we sang songs and played instruments. One day, the teacher told us "We will go to nursing home to sing songs and help old people." We practiced very much but I was not interested in helping old people and I did not want to go there. After a month, we visited a nursing home near our school. There are a lot of old people in the home and they welcomed us. First, we sang songs for them. During the songs, some of old people started crying. Others looked very happy. I was very surprised to see them. I did not understand why they are crying. Some of our classmates were playing the guitar after that, the old people smiled and looked very fun. Then, we had lunch with them and help them to eat. When I helped an old woman, she talked to me " I'm very happy to hear your songs and talking with you. I have grandchildren but I haven't seen them for a long time." They all remembered their children or grandchildren. We only sang songs, but the old people were moved and happy just like it. I was sorry for them because before visiting the home I did not want to go. Through the exchange with the old people I became very happy. We were very glad to see their smiles. I learned many things from them. To work for someone is a great thing. I can not get any reward, but I can get something better than money. This was the great experience for me in my life.

Week 3--Picture

This picture shows a bridge which is in my town Nagasaki. The name is Megami Ohashi. Megami means venus and Ohashi means bridge in Japanese. Sometimes the bridge is called "Venus Wing". It took 11 years to build it. The bridge is very big and it is 1289 meters long. The bridge opened on December 11th, 2005. I took part in the opening ceremony and paraded on the bridge. Now, I always pass a road under the bridge. At night, the bridge is illuminated and it is so beautiful. Not only cars but also people can cross it. The view from the bridge is very wonderful!