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external image 3096d5s.jpg
I have been an EFL teacher for more than 25 years. In the last 16, I have worked at USB where I am currently an Associate Professor in the Language Department. I have taught EST reading comprehension for freshman students, Communicative English, TOEFL, graduate courses in our Applied Linguistics program and now EFL writing.
I hold a B.A. in Modern Languages from Unimet and an M.A in Education from Boston University. Last year I spent a wonderful sabbatical at the University of Toronto where I met some of the most well-known experts in my research area. It was a thrilling experience.
I belong to several online EFL/ESL communities of practice with whom I have learned to use certain e-learning tools that I hope we will all explore in this course. I am very excited to participate in this course with all of you. Can´t wait !!!

My blogs are at:, and The blog for my freshman class is at:

María Gabriela

I was accepted in 2006 at the USB, which means I am class 2011. I made the preliminary English test and was exempted from the regular three English courses. I´m studying Electronic Engineering.
I graduated from María Santísima High School in 2006. I haven´t taken any English courses, just the basic high school English, and I have learned a lot from video games, but still I consider I have an intermediate level. I have never had a job and actually, besides my regular studies at the USB, I´m in a basic Japanese course offered by the Embassy of Japan in Venezuela. I have high expectations from this English course and I hope it helps me to improve my writing, and I have a good time doing something I like.

My blog is at: Mari´s Stuff


I am class 2011. At present I'm studying Mathematics but I want to transfer to Computer Engineering. I learned English from a private teacher when I was fourteen years old. I was for 8 months in that course. After that I have kept practicing it with video games and chatting. I graduated from U.E. Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe in 2006. I really like English but I'm really bad at writing in English. I expect to improve my writing skills and learn more vocabulary in this course, because I know that in my near future I'll need this language a lot.

My blog is at:


He asked to have his information removed in January 2011.


external image 334hkpx.jpg
I'm class 2010. I'm studying mechanical engineering. Basically, all my English knowledge that I have, is through video games, the three regular English courses and high school. I graduated from U. E. San Antonio de la Florida in 2006. I'm very good reading texts but it is difficult for me to write in English. My English is intermediate. I can understand when someone is talking to me but I'm unable to express my answer correctly. I really like English and I expect to improve my writing skills and my grammar in this course.


external image 1z6e36f.jpg
I'm a class 2011 student at USB. I'm at math degree studies, however my real choice is computer engineering, so I'm looking for a program transfer. I graduated from U.E "Boyacá". Curiously I have many things in common with the profiles of my classmates above, such as my career matters and the way I learned basic and intermediate English. My way to learn English since I can remember were through video games basically. TV watching helped a lot as well. Now with the use of the internet it is much easier than before, because I often read English sites and I'm also writing in English forums everyday. In general I like foreign languages, in fact I've been studying Japanese for about 2 years and I'd like a formal learning of it. Last but not least, I consider my English is pretty much decent, even though I should improve my talking because I lack fluency in that aspect. I hope the entire class could make everything well at the course, and if I have any kind of typo on this writing, please let me know. See you.

My blog is at:


I'm studying Mechanical Engineering since 2004 although I have been at the USB since 2003. I was transferred from Mathematics to Engineering later. I graduated from U.E ARAGUA in Maracay and I did all the basic courses of English at USB but I have never gone to a professional English academy. Because of that, I always wanted to extend my knowledge and skills in writing in this interesting and useful language. I believe that this course is a great opportunity to achieve that.

My blog is at:


I'm studying electrical engineering. I'm class 2011. My knowledge about the language is kind of homemade. My parents speak English both so it was easier for me to understand a few things, and it started to improve with music. I started to look for the lyrics I loved and my mom helped me with understanding what they said. So, I learned a very informal English, and my expectations from this course are to make the things I know about English better, and in a more professional way than what a song can teach, and to learn how to write a more formal English, because, just to know how to write it we already will know how to speak it. I also hope to have a great communication with my classmates and teacher, and from all of you I hope you make me notice any mistake I make (or have made starting with this text) in my writing so with that you'll be helping me to improve.

My blog is at:


external image 246nvjb.jpg
I'm class 2011. i'm studying computer engineering. I've studied school at Colegio Agustiniano Cristo Rey, who is located in Santa Monica, Caracas. I learned english at the CVA. I stayed learning english there for approximately 5 years. My other knowledge english is from the internet and from some video games. My speaking English is good but I need a little bit more of fluidity. With this English course I expect to improve and learn more skills in my writing in English.

My blog is at: