Very frequently we find common elements in our texts that need revision and editing to make them better. I hope we will all bring here many of these items to be shared with the group. Most of the ones included here come from the student-teacher conference revisions.

1. Run-on sentences:

These are sentences that seem not to stop ever. Some sentences should be placed separately and punctuation marks, especially commas, semicolons and periods will do them a lot of good. Here are two useful exercises. Now look at a pagraph that has 239 words ... this is NOT advisable and it is NOT a good example of what good writing should be. It is just there out of curiosity.

2. wich, which or witch

The word "which" is very frequently mispelled not only by Spanish Speakers but by learners of other languages as well. It is often associated to other wh-words such as what, when, where, how, all of which are used to ask for information.

3. used to/ be used to (ing)

These two expressions have specific forms. This is a useful explanation you can refer to in case of doubts. Here you will find another exercise.

4. much versus many

Even if we feel we got these two covered, it is always a good idea to check them out. An extra exercise here.

5. would rather / had better

6. Good versus well

adjectives versus adverbs

7. Object pronouns

their or theirs

8. Embedded questions

Extra exercise. Explanation.

9. Transitions

10. This, these, that, those

In this page go to the adjectives and adverbs exercises 1 and 2.
11. Embedded WH-word sentencesMore on embedded questions

12. Modals

More exercises here.

13. Adjectives -ed or -ing

Is it interesting or interested? Boring or bored?
In this page go to the adjectives and adverbs exercises 1 and 2. You will find another exercisehere. I found these examples that seem helpful.