Tips and Tricks

Here is where we will all write about tips and tricks we are using to figure out how to work more efficiently with our sites.

I hope you contribute as much as possible and share all your "wisdom" and expertise with the rest of the participants.
Thanks in advance for all the help and shared collective knowledge !!!

1) How to create Table of content

Some of you might me wondering how to add a table of contents to your site. It would come really handy if you want to organize your personal page as you develop it throughout the trimester (by weeks, assignments, etc). Here is how: write toc between double brackets at the beginning of your page or in the place where you want to start your table of contents (having it at the top of the page is what would probably make the most sense, right?). When you opened the "Introduce yourself" page, you might have noticed the code. In this page, you have it right there, at the very top. Try it out. It will save you and your readers a lot of time. To add content to your table, highlight the titles you want to include and set them as "heading 1,2,3", etc. to have a hierarchy. This is what you did in the introductions┬┤ page with your name, remember? Submitted by Berta.

2) How to add RSS feed

To add a RSS feed, first of all you look at the page you are at, any, doesn't really matter which one, unless you would want to only keep track of one page.

Then you click here

external image notifymegz4.jpg

A page like this should appear, in which you'll click here, space-wide notification page.

external image spacewideki2.jpg

After that another page should appear, simply asking which kinda of RSS feed you'd like to add, being it just edits, discussions or both, I'd recommend to add both, so you can keep track of anything.

external image rssne5.jpg

The next page that would come up shows every single change or comment added to a discussion, depending on what you clicked, after that you add it as live bookmark, if you're using Firefox, make sure to add it in the Bookmarks Toolbar Folder.

The end result would be just a simple link you can click, and would show every change on the page, they're sorted in order, the newest changes show first.

external image resultts1.jpg

This would make it incredibly easy to keep track of everything. - Submitted by Antonio.

Excellent, Antonio. I would just add that if any of you would like more information, go to the tutorial section of our own wiki and look for "aggregators". Bye, Berta

3) Short URLs

Sometimes when we want to include a link in our sites or mails, the URLs are too long and can break when divided into lines. To shorten them you can resort to the page where you simply paste your long URL, click on "make tinyurl" and the site reduces the characters of the link to a managable number. Try one out in the following window.
Enter a long URL to make tiny:

4) Links in discussion tab

To include a direct link in the discussion tab that has no editor window, simply use this formula: [[http:// |name]]
Example: My360page