There is one group of people, Common Craft, that have a Youtube Channel where there are several videos that explain -in a creative and easy way- different concepts about Internet and Web2.0 tools in "Plain English". If you are interested, You could browse through their tutorials to get an idea.

1. Wikispaces Editing

You can also watch it here.

2. Wikispaces Navigation Sidebar

You can also watch it here

3. Embedding a Video in Wikispaces

You can also watch it here.

4. Aggregators

This video explains what rss means in plain English. Here is how to set up an account in Bloglines by David Warlick. This tool will help you aggregate all the different sites you are interested in, in one place and you will be able to follow the new entries that come up. This links to a pdf file. If you would like to know more about what rss is, go to this blog post by David Shea, from Vancouver. Another aggregator, Technorati, scans blogs to find other postings with tags you search for. Here is a video from youtube where rss and google reader are explained. In conclusion, instead of going through different sites, you can "aggregate" them in one place by using their rss in Google reader, Bloglines or Technorati.

5. Working with Google documents

Here is a 2:51 minute video

6. How to create a Blogger blog

This video explains the basics.

7. Chatting in Yahoo Messenger

In case you would like to use this tool and do not know yet how to do it, here is a tutorial on how to download the program and how to get a Yahoo ID. Mine is bleiva2003.

8. Feed aggregator: Pageflakes

This is the page where we will hold all our blogs together. I hope it proves helpful. These other videos show how to: add a page, add a flake, change layout/theme.

9. Webjam

You can also watch it here. Another video on how spaces are replicated in Webjam.

10. Windows Movie Maker

There are many tutorials. Here is just one.

11. Voicethread Tutorial

This site explains how to upload photos, record your voice, save, etc. Remember that our username is our collective gmail account and the password is our course code.