writing_is_thinking.JPG"Writing is thinking on paper" William Zinsser
Welcome ID5128 students !!!

This week we will introduce ourselves, create wiki pages, read about plagiarism and write even more about ourselves.

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Online Materials

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  • Needs Assessment Survey
  • Tutorial: How to add a page to the class wiki and link to it from the sidebar (This tutorial refers to another wiki, but the steps are basically the same.)
  • Readings on Plagiarism: from 1) U. of Wiscosin, 2) Hacks, tips and tricks page, 3) Plagiarism.org, and 3) Bellevue College.
  • Written assignment # 1 instructions


1. Please complete the Needs Assesment Survey.
2. Introduce yourself and upload your photo.
3. Create your own wiki page and link it to the side bar under "Participant Pages" Follow instructions in this tutorial, our tutorial page or to Wikispaces HELP section.

Note: To have an idea of how a wiki can be effectively used to reflect on a course, have a look at this wiki page from one of my colleagues who took a video workshop last year. Of course, you are free to use your wiki page in any way you want.

4. Write about yourself to the group in your own wiki page. Tell us a little more about:

Your area of study and why you selected it
What you like best about your field or study program (NOTE: I am not using the word "career" because it has a different meaning in this context")
If you completed your short and/or long internship
If you intend to write a thesis
If you are planning to participate in an international exchange program
If you are thinking about completing a master's immediately after USB
Any English course where you practiced your writing, inside or outside USB
Anything else that you consider that would be interesting to know about you

5. Read about Plagiarism.
What is it? How to avoid it? Is it really important? Have you ever taken somebody else's ideas and presented them as your own or have you given credit to the author?
Select one (1) of the following links and after reading it, go to your wiki page and write about what you have learned on plagiarism:
Wisconsin University Life hacks, tips and tricks Plagiarism is a crime Bellevue College

6. Complete special written assignment #1: "You as a writer … and reader"

Please bring your double-spaced written text in a printed piece of paper without your name next class.


I have . . .

  • completed the Needs Assessment Survey
  • introduced myself and uploaded a photo
  • created my own wiki page
  • written about myself in my wiki page
  • read about plagiarism and written about it in my wiki page
  • written my profile as a writer and reader in a piece of paper with no name