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Evaluation time

In this last week of our trimester you will have the opportunity to evaluate yourself, the teacher and the course. We really appreciate your comments and suggestions. It was definitely a pleasure and an honor to work with you all this term.

I hope you keep coming to this wiki after the course is over to review content, do grammar exercises and perhaps improve your texts even more. I also hope you continue practicing by writing freely in your blogs. I promise to visit them once in a while and make comments.


  • essay test to be completed in 30 minutes (Tuesday July 8th)
  • online and paper surveys.


1) Write a 30-minute Toefl-like essay on a given topic in class following the appropriate essay structure. Include it in your wiki page. Later, evaluate your essay, identify if there are sections that are missing, if you discussed all aspects of the given topic, check subjects and verbs in every sentence, see if you included transitions to connect some sentences and paragraphs; in sum, try to improve it to get to the test standards.

2) Complete your self-evaluation based on your performance throughout the term and the assignments you have completed.

3) Complete USB paper survey. Check this online survey about the course ID5128, if you have not done so already. It will help us plan and improve our next writing course.

4) Do grammar exercises from this page depending on your perceived needs. I will recommend you take a look at these:Parallel structures, conditional clauses, prepositions, singular-plural-possessives.You can find other grammar elements that most of you have problems with according to the corrections we make together to your texts during our student-teacher conferences in the "Room for improvent" link. After completing the selected grammar exercises, write a couple of sentences in your wiki page about them (if you found them easy, difficult, things you would have to watch out for, things you learned from them, etc.)


I have:
  • written an essay in 30 minutes about a given topic.
  • completed online and paper surveys with my opinion and recommendations about this course and teacher.
  • completed my self-evaluation and given myself a grade for this course on the basis of my work and performance throughout the term.