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Down time is a time for our brain to absorb knowledge, reinforce information and do some neuro-fixing. It is a time for review and thought.

In our course, it is also a time to catch up on pending assignments and to do them at our own pace, especially for newcomers who could not find where we were ;-)

Table of Contents


1) Complete the Voicethread presentation about Venezuela. Last week you wrote your script and selected some pictures to go with it, so this week we should be finishing it up to be posted to the Sisterclasses blog.

2) Check certain wiki pages which have already been revised or corrected. I posted a message to all of you during week 2 with general observations which I feel you should read. Changes made to all of your introductions could also be a source of food for thought and insights to correct your own work and understand why these mistakes come up so frequently in our writing.

3) Do the following grammar exercises on: passive voice, subject-verb agreement, present perfect-past perfect. More on past perfect here, just in case. A useful TOEFL general exercise can be found here. After completing these exercises, write a couple of sentences in your wiki page about them (if you found them easy, difficult, things you would have to watch out for, things you learned from them, etc.)


I have ...
  • completed the activities for weeks 1, 2 and I am about to finish the ones for weeks 3 and 4
  • finished my part of the Voicethread presentation
  • done the suggested grammar exercises and written a couple of reflections on them
  • checked the revised pages (introduction and general observations on week 2) as well as made the corresponding changes to my texts according to the suggestions of peers and teacher.