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Are first impressions that important?

Have you ever got a certain gut feeling when you met a person? Have you later changed your mind because time proved you wrong or do you think first impressions stick in our mind and cannot be modified?

When you looked at the illustration on your left as you opened this page, what did it make you think of? I ran into the page Taggalaxy from Flicker, and guess what keyword I wrote which generated this sphere? Any idea?

In preparation for our next topics, let´s explore the world of first impressions and perhaps even stereotypes. Have people ever told you that they got a wrong impression of you when they met you for the first time? We will all read about it and share our experiences.


  • online articles and video
  • grammar exercises


1) Watch the following video which is just 27 seconds long:

2) Read this article on first impressions and memory from the University of Michigan. Should you want to read more on this topic, I would recommend the short text First impressions really count, the longer when first impressions are wrong and the interesting first impressions in job interviews. You are just required to read the first one.
3) Now write a short essay-like text about this subject. Again include an introduction, body and conclusion or summary. Proofread your text for possible run-on sentences, grammar inconsistencies and include transitions.
4) Revise one of you peers´ writings on the sidebar. Do not forget to include some information as recommended by this checklist for peer revisions or this simpler one for essay revision.
5) Complete the following grammar exercises: Verb tense coherence and transition words (list of transition and linking words here). Extra practice on transitions here: 1, 2.
After completing these exercises, write a couple of sentences in your wiki page about them (if you found them easy, difficult, things you would have to watch out for, things you learned from them, etc.)
6) Post two entries in your personal blog and visit the blogs of your classmates to read what they are blogging about. Write a couple of comments to their blogs. Don´t forget to write in the tag area of each of your posts: writingatusb, writingmatrix. They will allow blog engines find our posts.
7) Keep on contributing in the KWC exchange with friends in Japan.


I have:
  • watched a video on first impressions
  • read an article on the topic
  • written a short essay-like text on the subject
  • revised one of my classmate´s writings
  • completed some grammar exercises
  • written my two weekly blog posts and written a couple of comments in the posts of my classmates
  • contributed in the KWC exchange.