external image 2q2pj5y.jpgCatch-up time.

As I had mentioned in class last Tuesday, this week you will be working on pending assignments.

Our Japanese friends have already posted some information in their wiki pages. Visit them and leave them some comments in the discussion tabs. I already did and wrote to each one of them. You can select around 3 students (there are 19). Try to write on the pages that have few comments. There has been no matching of students yet and we will discuss this next Tuesday (week 9) in the lab. I want you to tell me what the best way to go about this could be.

Please read the mail I sent you last week and the link on ideas for our project. Some of you replied but some have not done so yet. So I don´t know if I have your correct address. Send me an email in case of doubts or if you would like to get in contact with me. I´ll try to get online from the conference.
Till next week, then.
By the way, the graphic here is something I made playing with Groupboard two years ago.