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    My blogs are at:, and The blog for my freshman class is at:
    María Gabriela
    I was accepted
    I graduated from María Santísima High School in 2006. I haven´t taken any English courses, just the basic high school English, and I have learned a lot from video games, but still I consider I have an intermediate level. I have never had a job and actually, besides my regular studies at the USB, I´m in a basic Japanese course offered by the Embassy of Japan in Venezuela. I have high expectations from this English course and I hope it helps me to improve my writing, and I have a good time doing something I like.
    My blog is at: Mari´s Stuff
    My blog is at:
    {} I'm class 2010 and I'm studying computer engineering. IAsked to have mostly learned my English through computers and video games, and also I chat with tons of people from the UShis information removed in English, in fact, almost everyone of my MSN and Yahoo messenger list do not speak Spanish, except my family of course. At any rate my expectations of this course are to learn how to be coherent in my English writing, and not to make mistakes due to being hasty while writing, mostly typing though. I graduated from Alejo Fortique. I'd say my English is rather good, or at least very acceptable for informal speech, I am not so sure about formal English writing, that's what I want to improve.
    My blog is at:
    January 2011
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    1. About me:
    I'm 20 years old, my full name would be José Antonio Cipagauta Rodriguez, Zyrus is just a nickname, I have used that one for a real long time on the internet, I'm even used to people voicing it, and calling me as that, through voice chats, mostly Ventrilo, in any case I'd rather be called Antonio. I was born here in Caracas, my birthday is December 31, 1987. I currently also live in Caracas, Baruta, about 40 minutes from USB.
    I'm studying Computer Engineering and do aspire to become an engineer eventually, I'm mostly interested in the AI (artificial intelligence) part of this, robotics in part, but mostly learning algorithms, and behaviors, the kind of stuff developers use in games to command objects, and that's where I want to specialize, games, but not the design part, just the programming part and make things 'alive' through this AI.
    I live with my family, and spend most of my time either at college, or at the computer. I'm a big fan of MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) the one I'm playing lately the most is World of Warcraft, there I also do practice and make good use of my English, since everyone seems to use it there, and also that's where I have practiced my spoken English as well, through Ventrilo, mentioned before, because talking > typing.
    I have been planning to take a vacation in Eldred, a little town located in Pennsylvania, to spend some time and finally meet people I have found through internet.
    I have been using and surfing through the internet since I was 11 or something I think, I don't clearly remember, I do remember though having english classes on my first grade at elementary school, I think it greatly contributed on it, also before I did know it, I remember a game in specific, which funnily enough matches the one from Maria Gabriela, Zelda : Ocarina of Time, I remember me as a little kid playing this game, with a dictionary in hand, reading and checking word by word for what it would mean on Spanish, most people I knew back then simply ignored everything, I just HAD to knew what they were saying, call it being stubborn, I call it determination.
    In time I could read anything in English, wouldn't matter what, that's when I started reading in the internet, I used to read a LOT at Wikipedia, but only in English, since it used to have the most accurate information as well, hours of randomly clicking links at Wikipedia, made me read so much, that greatly extended my vocabulary, and also added tons of I'd say useless, yet somewhat valuable knowledge, you never know when it comes in handy.
    Another thing I'd read is forums, where people would discuss several things, it wouldn't matter what, but they'd just discuss it, that's where I learned the most about internet, about how people behaved on it, how to deal with people through internet and lots of other little tidbits, in fact I tend to read the World of Warcraft Forums quite a lot lately, it's just entertaining, watching the countless rants of people, and it's sometimes astounding how even people which first language is English make mistakes.
    2. Plagiarism
    After reading all the information I found in the provided links, in particular, it's easy to know that since there's such a dedicated site to this "crime" in specific, one could argue it's rather dangerous, since it's indeed stealing something, might be not something material, but it's knowledge, and using it like if it was one that created it.
    Most the information that can be found in that site, points out the ways in which many people plagiarize information, even when they do not mean to, but ignorance of the law is not a valid excuse, yet I'd say that most of those acts are just because of lazy people, and tight deadlines, specially during high school, along with the great quantity of pressure that's put on students, to get high grades, and be efficient, and since information is so easily available through internet.
    All of that is clearly exposed here,
    I'm pretty sure I have done that several times through high school, for the same reasons, being lazy, albeit many many times I'd read everything I'd copy, just to at least get some insight on it, this was incredibly useful for questions teachers would make, yet I'm fully aware this isn't the right thing to do, I wasn't quite aware of it before, I could say though, that I have gotten better on it, I'd rather fully redact something, instead of copying it letter by letter from somewhere, I tend to learn more that way.
    3. Me as a writer... and a reader
    Writing, for me it was never a big deal, It's just a matter of time and pressure, because that's all it takes really, think about something, try to materialize words, it will eventually flow out of you, if you try, while yes, it might be hard to find a way to start, there isn't really any much of a problem once you get going, it's like snow, starts out small, and then it just rolls and gets bigger.
    That's the only problem I used to have, finding a way to start an essay, or anything for the matter. During school, I'd just do that, find some way to catch some inspiration, then just let my mind pour out information, might not be coherent at the start, but those little details always get ironed out, it's like an exercise of catching random thoughts in my mind, organize them, and have them make sense, practicing this continuously enables us to get complete mastery over our thoughts, over being coherent.
    Now, as a reader, I used to read a lot when I was in elementary school, random encyclopedias, they used to be like any other book, it had pictures, they were big, and had lots of information, I'm not sure why I did this, I'd figure new information just caught my attention back then, a willingness to learn something new, this helped me a lot during those days at school, just general knowledge. I stopped reading as much after that, but I'd still learn whatever job I had to do. I never read any book really, except The Lord of the Rings, never liked any of the Harry Potter series, or anything else really.
    Lately all I read is through the internet, between forums and news, I don't really think there's much else to read, or random information as well.
    4. Learning with the brain in mind
    I just didn't really know how the brain takes its time to learn things, how it isn't instantly, I did know that repeating is what makes us learn though, because it exercises our minds, and how we have to keep our mind working, keep it on the edge, and never let it become dull, sleeping is important for this though, don't strain our brain.
    5. Good Writing
    Reaching this state of being able to write out of nowhere, with no problems, and hardly any thoughts, is coveted, yet not easy, I'm pretty sure no one does it anyways, everyone has to put at least some effort writing, the most notable and important idea would be to keep a mental note, a mental map of what we're going to write about, everyone already does this, we just have to polish it, to make it all better, and re-read our writing after we're done, just to check for mistakes, things that can be changed, so our texts make more sense to us, and to our readers.
    A good point to keep in mind is
    "There is no successful writer who does not plan his work before he starts writing — and if he says he does, he’s lying." From
    That's the most important thing in my opinion, plan everything out, even if it's just in your mind, no draft needed.
    6. Experience with computers and the web
    I have been using computers since I was really young, I think I was about 7 years old or something, I remember using old school MS-Dos to find my way around it, at the start it didn't make much sense, it was all commands, and lines, just text, there wasn't any graphical interface back then.
    I'd consider myself some sort of Digital Native, even while I'm not just a kid anymore, but I did grow up using computers, through elementary school.
    Right now, I'm able to manage servers, manage networks, and a wide number of computer software, registry in operative systems, basic clean up and maintance, advanced types of it as well, fully back up computers, and other random things, I have three computers at my house all in one network, one acting as a server.
    7. My name
    My full name as shown above is José Antonio Cipagauta Rodriguez, I'd say it's a rather common name, at least my first name, I have met lots of people that have it. I do feel pretty uncomfortable when people say my name, voice it "José" and I don't know if it's me or someone else, that's why I rather people to address me by my middle name Antonio, I'm just more responsive to it, and become more attentive when people call me it, another name that some people use for me is Tony, but it's very rarely, the only one I can recall easily is my girlfriend since she uses that one. The last name people have used to refer to me is Cipagauta, or Cipa from my last name, the last one sounds like way too "cute" for my liking, I'm not sure why though.
    My Dad, and Grandfather have the same name as me, José Antonio Cipagauta, it's somewhat funny I'd say, in the rare situations we have family meetings. About 2 days ago, I found out my last name means "Smoke in the king's house" I got no clue what does that exactly means, I just know that's what the word means, not sure either which language it is.
    Zyrus is just a nickname I have used to keep my name private, while being in the internet, I came up with it from the word Zero, just varied some things and presto, it sounded like a really good name to me. I have used it throughly in games, instant messenger services, and some other things.
    Overall, I'm comfortable with people using either, Antonio or Zyrus, that's my preference on what I'd rather people to call me, mostly Antonio if I know you in real life, or Zyrus if just internet.
    8. Procrastination
    The first contact I had with this word was, oddly enough from a video on youtube. It just portrayed something I have done several times. I'd figure people like me, or everyone else does this, just because they're not motivated to do what they have to do, just the stuff that must be done.
    A long time ago I also read about this, it mostly involved about being passive-aggressive, a way to show that we're unwilling and that somehow what we need to do, maybe just to show in a way that it is annoying to us. This seems to happen to everyone, with some thing or another, I'd have to admit that I have done this, and that I still do, but it's only lately, I didn't use to do this at school, maybe something changed.
    Most people just get "lost" doing something else, and lose track of time, when they realize they have done something else besides what they have to do, it's just too late to catch up, or they have lots of work pending up, then they decide to do it later, but this just perpetuates this cycle, and it repeats, until it becomes overwhelming.
    I feel this is extremely fitting right now, maybe I'm just procrastinating right now, It's hard to admit, or hard to tell for me.

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